Mitch Winehouse

"She looks so much like Amy I cant watch her, she's done so much for the AWF "

Janis Winehouse

"Laura's a lovely girl, go and see her she's the best Tribute to my Amy"

Alex & Jane Winehouse

"Laura's so like Amy... we are grateful for her support with the Foundation "

Billy Ocean

"You're a real credit to Amy"

Tim Chester - Sunday Times Magazine

@ Brickhouse, Brick Lane  Fundraiser for AWF
"Laura is one of the best Tributes in the country. She's Britain's  best Amy Tribute
Act. Laura, like Amy a London Jewish  girl , is a light coil of energy & wit.
She looks like Amy of the early Days . Her rendition of Back to Black, Sam Cooks
Cupid & her personal favourite Mr Magic to name a few are great crowd pleasers."

Amanda Morgan - Owner No 8 Bishop Waltham

"Laura Brings back Amy respectfully. Delivered with sensitivity, emotion,
professionalism & love for the artist like no other.
She captures the image attitude & talent of the Legendary Amy Winehouse with
dedication and accuracy. This tribute is above all we  have seen."

Ashley Elmer Grogg - Amy Fan from Mississippi via Facebook

"I am completely blown away by your resemblance, looks and sound to Amy.
My 6 year old daughter is confused when I show her pictures of you."

Tracy Brown

Thank you so much for a fantastic tribute act. Not only did you look and sing like Amy but you emulated her mannerisms at adlibbing throughout the night. You definitely made the party the special occasion that it was, I had people up dancing who hadn't danced for 15 years. You are MUST for any party that you would want to go off with a bang. Brilliant night, thank you so much.

Ian Peake   Highfields Social Club

Its so real its spooky. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time I see &
here her. She always packs a full house.