More Praise From Amy's Family

High Praise From Amy's Family

Number One Tribute 2016

Laura Jane Butler - UK's Number 1 Amy Winehouse Tribute

Laura Jane is the UK's most authentic Amy Winehouse Tribute Show and provides a fitting tribute to the tragic star. Laura captures all that was great about Amy's style, attitude, quirky look and deep raspy soulful voice. She too sounds like a New York black singer, but just like Amy, Laura is a cheeky London born girl and without fail entertains and makes people believe they really have had a great night with Amy Winehouse and they always leave wanting more. Check out the Amy Winehouse Foundation website and read about Laura and her amazing fund raising achievments!

Oddfellows - York

TexFest 2017 1st July 2017

Laura on stage with her band

Nearly Festival

Nearly Festival

Slough Irish Club

The Courtyard Party 2017