Number One Tribute 2016

Laura Jane Butler - UK's Number 1 Amy Winehouse Tribute

Laura Jane is the UK's most authentic Amy Winehouse Tribute Show and provides a fitting tribute to the tragic star. Laura captures all that was great about Amy's style, attitude, quirky look and deep raspy soulful voice. She too sounds like a New York black singer, but just like Amy, Laura is a cheeky London born girl and without fail entertains and makes people believe they really have had a great night with Amy Winehouse and they always leave wanting more. Check out the Amy Winehouse Foundation website and read about Laura and her amazing fund raising achievments!

Slough Irish Club

The Courtyard Party 2017

Midsummer Madness

Laura appearing at The Harlow Arena on Sunday 4th June 2017

The George - Isle of Dogs June 17th

The George - Isle of Dogs 17th June 2017

Coxlodge Club

Laura at The Jazz Cafe Camden

Cowley Workers 22nd April 2017

Cowley Workers Social Club 22nd April 2017

24th February Secret Squirrel Club

24th February Secret Squirrel Club